Groups & Organizations

Colorado - The Next Generation

Colorado TNG exists to serve as a gateway to BDSM for young people, as well as provide educational resources, safe space parties, and social events and promote integration of young people into the greater Denver community.

Colorado Leather Lesbian/Ladies Alternative Resource

COLLAR DENVER is a social, support group for women interested in leather. We welcome all women interested in B*D*S*M, D/s, and all safe, sane and consensual kinks and fetishes.

Denver Bound

Denver Bound seeks to create a casual bondage environment where rope enthusiasts can learn and practice in a Dojo type environment, where the novice can learn from others who love it.

Denver Boys of Leather

The Denver boys of Leather is a group of self-identified leatherboys. The term leatherboy is defined as broadly as possible with the intent of being inclusive, and boy not being based on sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, or appearance. Our purpose is to gather in brotherhood and boyhood, supporting our members and our community with respect and integrity.

Denver Girls of Leather

The purpose of this club is to provide camaraderie and a safe space for those who identify as Leathergirls, as well as to provide community service within and outside the Denver Metro area Leather community at large. We will also be looking into collecting and preserving the history of Colorado's local community.

Denver Puppies and Handlers

DEN-PAH is a group for all Colorado puppies and handlers to come together to socialize and educate with those who share an interest in the puppy/handler lifestyle.

Denver Rope Bite

This is the group for Denver's chapter of Rope Bite International. Interested in learning more about rope bondage, meeting other rope geeks, or just generally sharing your love of rope? Then check out what we do!

Hey Denver

Free, Safe, and Confidential STI and HIV Testing

Leather Magick

LeatherMagick is an IRS 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to assist members of the Colorado Leather Community with financial, physical, and educational resources and assistance during times of hardship.

Leather Colorado Foundation

The Leather Colorado Foundation produces contests for Mr Leather Colorado, Mr Colorado Rubber, Colorado Bootblack, Ms Leather Colorado, and Miss Leather Colorado.

MAST Aurora

Information Coming Soon

MAST Brighton

Information Coming Soon

MAST Colorado Springs

Masters And slaves Together (MAsT) Colorado Springs MAsT: Colorado Springs chapter exists as an education, support and resource group for individuals involved in, or interested in, the Master/slave lifestyle. This is a community-inclusive support group for Those who identify as Master and slave. We welcome all genders and orientations in this lifestyle to attend and participate in Our monthly discussions.

MAST Denver

Our purpose is to serve as a support and resource group for those who want to explore more about the M/s lifestyle. We welcome all genders and orientations. Each Master and slave is deemed to have valid views and all are encouraged to share their diverse ideas and opinions. We do not endorse any particular Master/slave construct; rather, we aim to encourage the growth and development of our members in their journey toward fulfilling relationships.

MAST Fort Collins

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MAST Grand Junction

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MAST Metro Denver

We provide monthly discussions, support and education for like-minded adults to come together for the purpose of exploring Master/slave and Dominant/submissive relationships. Through sharing ideas, experiences, and knowledge about power exchange relationships we support and help one another. You do not have to own someone or be owned in order to attend our meetings. We encourage those who have a deep interest in exploring Power Exchange relationships and dynamics to contact us. Our Chapter meets on the first Sunday of every month.

MAST Rocky Mountain

Information Coming Soon

Rocky Mountain Leather Alliance

Advocating for an alliance of the regional leather, kink, fetish, and BDSM communities thru outreach, social, and educational events.

Rubbermen of Colorado

Community group for like minded individuals looking to connect online, in person or do group events wearing rubber. If you like the look, feel, or how it looks or feels and are in Colorado, this is the place to share that information.

White Rose Scholarship Foundation

Information Coming Soon

The Shadows

The Shadows is a consortium of Leather Houses dedicated to the Master/slave orientation of Total Power Exchange based relationships. Our mission is to educate and empower the Kink Community, locally and nationally, on the validity and potential of living , 24/7, within these types of relationships. We believe that these TPE relationships are fulfilling, and when administered with consistency and wisdom, can equal or even surpass the levels of joy we experience in more socially acceptable relationship dynamics.

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Rocky Mountain Leather Alliance
a 501(c)(3) corporation