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Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Leather Alliance


The board of the Rocky Mountain Leather Alliance selected the following organizations as recipients for donations in 2010 and donated $1,500 to local organizations.

  • Mr. Leather Colorado Foundation
  • Horizon House
  • Chesney Klienjohn
  • White Rose Scholarship Fund
  • PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support)
  • Rainbow Alley

Thank you for your support!

Horizon House

Mr. Leather Colorado Foundation

Chesney Klienjohn

Rainbow Alley

White Rose Scholarship Fund


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Mission Statement

Advocating for an alliance of the regional leather, kink, fetish, and BDSM communities thru outreach, social, and educational events.


To connect, empower, and educate our diverse communities.


Rocky Mountain Leather Alliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization made up of current and past leather titleholders as well as leather leaders and members from the community which seeks to bring more unity and education about Colorado's leather lifestyle. There are two types of members: Board members and volunteer members. Board members are elected. Volunteer members are open to anybody who feels they are a Leather person or a friend of Leather and would like to be involved in Leather events. There are NO fees. Just your active participation!

Current RMLA Board members

Chris Scherrer, President
Keith Pryor, Treasurer
Tyger Yoshi, Secretary
Shannon Gleichmann, Board Member
Michael Hobbs, Board Member
Pam Bondi, Board Member
Nerys, Board Member
Brent Heinze, Board Member
Marty Rubbr, Board Member

Numerous volunteer members


In 2005, a group of local Denver individuals decided they wanted to enhance the dynamic of how Colorado prepared their local titleholders and hopefully send one, well prepared contestant to IML. That was the beginning of the Rocky Mountain Leather Alliance. They dreamed of a network of local bar titles that would encourage participation in community leadership. These men would then feed into one contest, where the winner would be coached for the IML experience and sent with support from a strong community. Those dreams did not manifest, as the reality of coordinating the numerous variety of people with their own business interests and personal agendas outweighed any enthusiasm generated by the objective. The next project was to bring the Leather Leadership Conference to Denver. After filling binders with information and supporting materials, hundreds of hours of planning work, and countless conversations, the board finished their application. Once submitted, the situation became more reality than fantasy, and their corps of volunteers shrank. The board retracted their application when it became apparent that the community would not be able to provide necessary support to successfully run this event. In the years that followed, RMLA continued fundraising and donating to the Mr. Leather Colorado Foundation. They identified a need in the community for better representation of Leather/Kink in the Denver PrideFest parade and began sponsoring an entry, inviting the entire diverse community to march in the annual celebration. Continuing their efforts to provide more support to the community, RMLA applied for and obtained a 501(c)(3). With this, we have been able to raise funds and donate them to various organizations through the years. In 2015, a new generation of kinky leatherfolk joined the board and new visions and dreams are in the works. The diverse talents of these experienced individuals are taking the organization to new and exciting places. Keep checking back on our website to see what we are planning or like us on Facebook and join us in our efforts to empower our community.


Rocky Mountain Leather Alliance
a 501(c)(3) corporation